The Good Old Days, 1953 – 1983

Ken Dodd was a huge fan of old fashioned variety and that’s exactly what The Good Old Days was.  A recreation of the days of Music Hall that would feature top acts of the day.

The show ran for thirty years from 1953 – 1983.  Despite it’s thirty year run there were only ever sixty four episodes made.

The show was recorded at the Leeds City Varieties Music Hall.  The idea was to recreate the old Victorian – Edwardian music hall.  Over it’s run it played host to around two thousand performers.


Each week artists of the day would dress up in period costume to recreate songs and sketches in the style of the old music hall.

Audience participation was encouraged, indeed the audience all wore period costume and at the end of each show artistes and audience joined in a rendition of “Down at the Old Bull and Bush”









Hosted By: Leonard Sachs


Channel: BBC1
Originally Transmitted: 20th July 1953 – 30th December 1983

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  1. Sasha Fenton

    I was in an episode of The Good Old Days, either on the first or the eighth of August, 1969. The starring act was a comedian called Jimmy James with his relative, Eli. The act that closed the first half was a bow and arrow act, and I was the girl who held balloons and had plastic apples shot off my head. If anybody has a copy of this, I would love to see it.


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