BBC Landmark Comedy Season – Lost Sitcoms – Hancock’s Half Hour

The second of the BBC’s re-makes, this time it’s a missing Hancock.  Re-makes of lost Hancock’s Half Hour episodes had been an ongoing project around this time as the BBC had already broadcast two series of missing Hancock’s Half Hour radio episodes, under the title: “The Missing Hancocks” including a version of The New Neighbour.  Both series were a huge success.

Like it’s original counterpart The New Neighbour is in itself a re-make of the radio version.  Kevin Mc Nally reprises his role as Hancock with Kevin Eldon playing the part of Mr Vere.  For TV Jon Culshaw plays Sid James and does a pretty good impression.


Tony has a new neighbour whose behaviour is very, very suspicious.





Tony Hancock – Kevin Mc Nally
Sidney James – Jon Culshaw
John Vere (Bill Kerr) – Kevin Eldon
Hattie (Hattie Jacques) – Katy Wix
Policeman (Kenneth Williams) – Robin Sebastian


Channel: BBC4
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Date: 8th September 2016

How Did It Compare With The Original?



Our Verdict

This was the only one of the three missing sitcoms we enjoyed.  As in The Missing Hancocks, Kevin Mc Nally has Hancock off to a tee and on this occasion impressionist Jon Culshaw nails Sid James.  The only let down and it ran through all three was the set.  Clearly intended to be a recreation of a stage set it was dark and dingy and let an otherwise brilliant show down.

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