The Other One, 1977

From the writers of The Good Life came this hit follow up written for Richard Briers.

The Other One ran for two series.  The first in 1977 running for seven episodes and returning for a second series of six episodes in 1979.


Richard Briers is Ralph Tanner, a man who’s never encountered a lie that he can’t live out to the full. Compulsively economical with the truth, he uses any means, no matter how embarrassing or calamitous to give the impression of being a lone wolf, worldly wise and someone who’s been everywhere, seen it all and done it better than anyone else!

Reality, of course, is wildly different. For it seems Ralph is grossly inexperienced, wildly incompetent and totally ill-equipped for life. Yet he’s convincing enough to impress the gullible, timid Brian.

When he encounters the brash Ralph at the airport, ready to escape on the same flight to sunny Spanish paradise, Brian hopes they’ll go everywhere, see everything and do it all.









Richard Briers – Ralph Tanner
Michael Gambon – Brian Bryant


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Esmonde and Bob Larbey
Original Transmission Dates:
11th November – 30th December 1977 (Series One)
23rd February – 30th March 1979 (Series Two)




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