Billy Liar – 1973

Adapted from a 1959 novel by Keith Waterhouse, Billy Liar has also been adapted into a film, a musical and a stage play.  However it is the TV series we are concerned with that ran for two series between 1973 and 1974, totalling twenty six episodes.

A novel in 1959 had lead to a film in 1963, the highly successful writing partnership of  Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall updated the work to make it more relevant for the 1970’s.

Produced by London Weekend Television, surprisingly even in this digital and satellite age the show has never been repeated.


An eternal dreamer, Billy Fisher is a likeable North Country lad, who has a habit of becoming lost in his own wild imagination.

His flights of fancy do him no favours at the funeral parlour where he works and earn him continuous scorn from his boss, Mr. Shadrack.

Life at home proves just as boring and his daydreaming provides a constant source of annoyance to his Dad.









Jeff Rawle    …    Billy Fisher
George A. Cooper    …    Geoffrey Fisher
Pamela Vezey    …    Alice Fisher
May Warden    …    Grandma
Colin Jeavons    …    Mr. Shadrack
Sally Watts    …    Barbara


Channel: ITV
Written By: Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall
Original Transmission Dates: 26th October 1973 – 6th December 1974




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