The Ultimate Compo Tribute?

Last Of The Summer Wine, It’s Never Ten Years, 2008

It was during series 29 that the show chose to pay tribute to it’s greatest character – Compo.  Played by Bill Owen, Compo  had been at the contrite of the show’s antics from it’s beginnings in 1973 until the sad death of Bill Owen in 1999.

This special episode was a magnificent tribute to the star.  It’s sad to think that of those who appear in the episode only Brian Murphy is still with us.


Just another day, as Clegg looks at the calendar he realises it’s been ten years since his friend passed away.

Truly joins Clegg as they reminisce fondly about their old friend Compo, who suffered at the hands of Nora Batty – and them, thus teaching Alvin a thing or two.






Frank Thornton
Peter Sallis
Brian Murphy


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Original Transmission Date: 24th August 2008