Alistair Mc Gowan’s Big Impression – 2000

Alistair McGowan’s Big Impression first aired on BBC One in 2000 it ran for twenty five shows over four series, comming to an end in 2004.  From 2003 for it’s final two series it was re-titled The Big Impression.

The origins of the show came about in 1998.  Alistair Mc Gowan, had been performing his own show in Edinburgh.  It was here he was approached by a BBC executive about putting a series together,

Speaking about the ending of the show Mc Gowan has always said that he felt his enthusiasm had gone.

The series won five awards, including the 2003 BAFTA comedy programme prize.


The Big Impression took the form of a comedy sketch show featuring Alistair McGowan and Ronni Ancona impersonating personalities from the world of entertainment and sport.

Perhaps the most famous impressions were the Posh and Becks sketches, but they covered many other famous people including Richard Madeley and Judy Finnagan, Terry Wogan, Jonathan Ross, Barbera Windsor, Nigella Lawson to name but a few.









Alistair McGowan
Ronni Ancona
Jon Culshaw
Jan Ravens
Steve Nallon


Channel: BBC1
Series Created By: Bill Dare
Produced By: Vera Productions
Original Transmission Dates:  26th April 2000 – 10th June 2004


There were a number of special editions of the show recorded these were:
Alistair McGowan’s 2000 Impressions (30 December 2000)
Alistair McGowan’s Big ‘Enders (10 August 2001)
Alistair McGowan’s Big World Cup (31 May 2002)
Alistair McGowan’s Big Jubilee (2 June 2002)
The Big Impression Christmas Special (25 December 2002)
Posh & Becks’ Big Impression (25 December 2003)
The Big Impression Euro 2004 Special (10 June 2004)



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