The Importance Of Being Ernie, 1993

The Importance Of Being Ernie was one off documentary detailing the later career of Ernie Wise.  The program was made in 1993 for the BBC Omnibus series .

The documentary has been criticised for focussing on Wise in a negative way, portraying a somewhat tragic figure and, in one section, memorably sees him reminiscing with a view of Eric Morecambe from one of their television programs in the background.

Despite the criticism The Importance Of Being Ernie was made with the full co-operaton of the star.  However Ernie Wise is known to have been unhappy with the outcome of the broadcast program,

It turned out to be his last major televised work prior to his death in 1999 from heart problems.


The program focuses on the career of Ernie Wise following the death of his comedy partner Eric Morecambe.  He talks candidly about his life before, during and after the forty plus years of Morecambe and Wise.

It follows his appearances in West End shows and his particular concentration on pantomime.  His autobiography “Still On My Way To Hollywood” is referenced frequently throughout  the program.


There are no clips from the documentary so we put together our own.






Ernie Wise


Channel: BBC1
Originally Transmitted: April 1993


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