Morecambe And Wise – The Intelligence Men, 1965

The Intelligence Men was is British comic duo Morecambe and Wise’s first big screen outing.  In the USA, it was retitled Spylarks.

Whilst the film was not a critical success it did become one of the  12 most popular movies at the British box office in 1965.  Successful enough for the duo to go on to make two more films.


When café owner Eric (Eric Morecambe) discovers an international criminal gang, MI5 enlist his help to bring them to justice. Complications ensue, and it is not long before Eric is helping his secret agent chum Ernie (Ernie Wise) protect Russian ballerina Madame Petrovna from assassination.











Eric Morecambe – Eric
Ernie Wise – Ernie Sage
William Franklyn – Colonel Grant
April Olrich – Madame Petrovna
Gloria Paul – Gina Carlotti
Richard Vernon – Sir Edward Seabrook
David Lodge – Stage Manager
Jacqueline Jones – Karin
Terence Alexander – Reed
Francis Matthews – Thomas
Warren Mitchell – Prozoroff
Peter Bull – Phillipe
Tutte Lemkow – Seedy SCHLECHT Agent
Brian Oulton – Laundry Basket Man
Michael Peake – Sinister Stranger


Distributed BY: Rank Organisation
Written By: Dick Hils, Sid green and Peter Blackmore
Produced By: Hugh Stewart
Directed By: Robert Asher
UK Release Date: 13th April 1965