Was There Nearly Another Series Of On The Buses ?

Terry Wogan Interviews On The Buses Cast

After a successful tour of Australia in 1988 an On The Buses stage play showed there was still keen interest in the show.

Two years later in 1990, rumours began to circulate about a planned revival of the television series, to be called  Back On The Buses featuring all the original cast; Reg Varney, Stephen Lewis, Michael Robbins, Doris Hare, Anna Karen and Bob Grant.

However, despite some publicity at the time of its announcement, including an appearance by the cast on the BBC TV chat show: Wogan, Back on the Buses  never made it to TV.

The project was to have been backed by STV’s executive producer Bryan Izzard who had produced seven episodes of On the Buses and the final spin-off film Holiday on the Buses.  However when funding from STV was not forthcoming the project collapsed.

Proposed Plot

Although scripts were never written, the proposed new series was to feature Stan and Jack running their own bus company in the newly deregulated market, and coming into conflict with Blakey, who was running a rival firm.









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2 Responses

  1. Richard Lewis ap Davies

    Firstly what a great series! It brings a tear to my eyes just looking at those Images of the on the buses actors knowing most are gone to the great bus station in the sky. I was aware that they did in fact make a pilot of the proposed series in 1990 but it sadly it will never see the light of day and is gathering dust in some archive. although it would be great to see what It would have been like? I saw the 1990 the Wogan interview with the cast way back in 1990 and the spark was still there with the cast, It’s a shame the proposed series wasn’t produced 10yrs earlier , things might have been different?

  2. Steve

    There was a pilot script written and it can be seen in the back of the book ‘Writing Comedy’ written by Ronnie Wolfe co-creator and writer of ON THE BUSES. Glad to say the OTB fan club is still going strong and January 2020 will be my 21st year of running it. With ITV3 showing the repeats often and the movies on over the festive season a whole new bunch of fans are on-board many who were to young or not even born when it was first shown. DING DING! Steve at the official ON THE BUSES fan club.


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