What Happens When It All Goes Wrong ? – Auntie’s Bloomers – 1991

A comparison could be drawn with the Dennis Nordan show It’ll Be Alright On The Night.  Effectively Auntie’s Bloomers was an outtake show that would pop up usually around holiday times.  It actually popped up thirty one times over ten years.

The first two shows were made by independent production company, Celador.  Their contract was not renewed after the second show went out, leaving the BBC to produce it themselves.

The programme’s title comes from the affectionate nickname “Auntie Beeb” by which the BBC is often referred.

The show was replaced by Outtake TV in 2002, a show similar in concept but with less emphasis on BBC-only material.


The show was a selection of outtakes/bloopers, call them what you will – the moment when things go wrong.  The emphasis was of course on BBC shows, this was particularly prevalent throughout the mid-90’s where the set was the BBC archive, and the opening titles consisted of a mysterious figure entering the BBC Television Centre and retrieving archive footage from a safe.

When there’s a problem or it all goes wrong who else could you have presenting other than Terry Wogan.






Hosted By: Terry Wogan


Channel: BBC1
Produced By: Celador – 1991 – 1992, BBC thereafter
Original Transmission Dates: 29th December 1991 – 29th December 2001



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