Doctor On The Go – 1975

All good things must come to an end.  Doctor On The Go was the final outing for the young doctors in the continuing series, there would be an Australian series – Doctor Down Under (not screened in this country) and then a comeback outing in the 1990’s with Doctor At The Top.  There were effectively two series of Doctor On The Go screened over twenty six episodes in 1975 and 1977.


Returning from their misadventures on the high seas aboard the MS Begonia (‘”Doctor at Sea” (1974)’ ), the young Doctors manage to find themselves new jobs back at St Swithin’s Hospital. However, Professor Sir Geoffrey Loftus (‘Ernest Clark’ ) is still on their case…







Robin Nedwell
Geoffrey Davies
George Layton
Ernest Clark


Channel: ITV
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Created By: Richard Gordon
Written By:
Douglas Adams
Rob Buckman
Richard Laing
George Layton
Jonathan Lynn
Bernard McKenna
Steve Thorn
Paul Wolfson
Original Transmission Dates: 27th April 1975 – 10th April 1977

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