2point4 Children, 1991

This BBC sitcom was a huge hit during it’s nine year run regularly attracting audiences averaging between six and nine million viewers.

2point4 Children ran for fifty six episodes over eight series, coming to an abrupt end following the tragic death of lead actor Gary Olsen in September 2000.


Meet the Porters are a working-class family who live in Chiswick, London who at first seem normal enough.  Bill is the sensible, level-headed mother who does the cooking and housework whilst running a catering business with her highly-sexed best friend Rona.  Ben is the father, who is often just as immature as the children.  He runs a heating repair business with his moody and sarcastic assistant Christine.

Jenny is a typical teenage daughter, keen on boys, music, and vegetarianism, whilst David, her mischievous younger brother, enjoys horror films, aliens, and annoying his older sister.

However, the Porters’ world is frequently turned upside down by bizarre occurrences and bad luck.  Whether it is dealing with flatulent dogs, a frozen body in a freezer in the front room, or even stumbling across Shirley Bassey’s warehouse, it seems anything is possible in the Porters’ world.







Belinda Lang – Bill Porter
Gary Olsen – Ben Porter
Claire Woodgate – Jenny Porter (series 1&2)
Clare Buckfield – Jenny Porter (series 3-8)


Channel: BBC1
Written and Created By: Andrew Marshall
Original Transmission Dates: 3rd September 1991 – 30th December 1999


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