An Audience With Dame Edna – 1980 and on

In March 2012, Barry Humphries announced he was retiring his legendary comic creation Dame Edna at the end of the current tour.

Now whilst Dame Edna is not British, the Dame has been a British tradition for many years and Dame Edna has been on and off British TV screens for forty years.

So as this marked the end of another legendary comic character we take a quick look back at Dame Edna’s appearances on the popular An Audience With….


Dame Edna was the second person to host An Audience With, after Jasper Carrott.  Her first appearance was in 1980, when the show was broadcast on Channel 4.

The character returned to our screens for Another Evening With in 1984, still on Channel 4.

In 1988 she made her last appearance on the show this time One More Audience With was screened on ITV.

All shows followed the now familiar question and answer session with a celebrity audience.







Starring: Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Transmission Dates:

An Audience With: 16th December 1980 , Channel 4
Another Evening With: 31st December 1984, Channel 4
One More Audience With: 15th December 1988, ITV




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