It has been announced that Peter Firmin, the man behind beloved children’s TV shows such as The Clangers and Bagpuss is to receive the prestigious BAFTA Special Award this weekend for his work in children’s entertainment.

The award will be presented at The British Academy Children’s Awards to be held at The Roundhouse in Camden, London, on Sunday 23rd November.

The ceremony will be presented by actor Bernard Cribbins, with a special introduction by comedy actor and TV presenter Michael Palin.

Clangers To Make A Comeback

Recently we looked at a few of the many shows on TV that have made a comeback, now it seems even cult children’s TV characters are on the comeback trail as it has been announced that iconic knitwear – The Clangers are to make a comeback.  Indeed Peter Firmin is working as Excecutive Producer on a new updated series of The Clangers that will air on CBBC in June of next year.  Despite being updated Firmin insists there will be no CGI, the iconic pupets wil still be knitted.

Here Peter Firmin with Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2

British Classic Comedy – We’re Nearly There

This site has had a fantastic year with more people than ever passing through.  Earlier in the year we had a makeover which involved every single post having to be re-formatted and in many cases re-written, this obviously has meant we haven’t been able to put up as much new material as we would have liked as we have worked almost none stop bringing the old posts back.  We are pleased to inform our visitors that we really are almost back to full strength.  Next week should see all the 2000’s section restored, along with the game shows and kids TV.  A couple of weeks after the rest of the posts should be restored.

We were running a series of posts counting down the decades and appear to have stalled at the 1970’s – not quite, we’ve done this deliberately you may remember a few weeks ago whilst talking to Ray Galton and Alan Simpson about Comedy Playhouse we cut the interview short as Alan Simpson began to talk Steptoe.  The 60’s will be back shortly as we talk to legendary script writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson about Steptoe and Son which ended 40 years ago this Boxing Day.  To take us there we continue our exclusive series – Galton and Simpson Present, having seen a sneak preview of the full series there are some real crackers to come.