Cribbins, 1969

Bernard Cribbins has had an interesting and varied  career spanning over fifty years.  He’d on both the big and small screens for almost a decade when he got his own TV series.

Bernard Cribbins was assisted by Bob Todd in both series with guests along the way including Madeline Smith, Tim Barrett and others.

Cribbins ran for twelve episodes over two series.


Cribbins was a series of comedy and delivered in Bernard Cribbin’s unique style.

The fast-moving mixture of quick fire sketches introduced us to a gallery of outrageous characters in a myriad of seemingly inexhaustible situations! Bank clerk, burglar, tramp, librarian, cowboy and even spaceman.

The songs included the chart hits Hole in the Ground, Gossip Calypso and Right, Said Fred.








Bernard Cribbins
Bob Todd


Channel: ITV
Written By: Johnnie Mortimer and Brian Cooke
Original Transmission Dates: 18th November 1969 – 20th October 1970

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