Come Fly With Me, 2010

The hugely anticipated follow up to Little Britain.  Come Fly With Me was the second outing for comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

The series was a send up of the airport and airline documentaries that were popular at the time.

Despite it’s popularity there was only one series running for six episodes.  The BBC announced that it had commissioned a second series but David Walliams confirmed in January of 2013 that there would not be a second series.

Come Fly With Me would be the last time to date that Lucas and Walliams would work together.


Come Fly With Me was a ‘mockumentary’ flowing the comings and goings at London Stagnated Airport and three fictional airlines:FlyLo (a low cost Airline),  Our Lady Air (an Irish low cost airline) and Great British Air (a major international British airline).

Lucas and Walliams portray many of the focal airline and airport staff, as well as some passengers, whose comments and experiences are featured in one or more of the series episodes in the style of a “fly on the wall documentary”.









Matt Lucas
David Walliams


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Matt Lucas and David Walliams
Written By:
Matt Lucas
David Walliams
Kevin Cecil
Andy Riley
Narrated By: Lindsay Duncan
Original Transmission Dates: 25th December 2010 – 27th January 2011

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