Blackadder – The Third – 1987

Set in Britain’s Regency Period,  late 18th and early 19th centuries.  The third series of the hugely popular comedy sees the Blackadder family fortunes drop further.

In series 1 Blackadder was a Prince, series two a Lord, by the third series Edmund Blackadder is butler to the Prince Regent and Baldrick is his dogsbody.

Blackadder The Third won a BAFTA award for Best Comedy Series in 1988 and received three further nominations.


For the third instalment Blackadder is the head butler to the Prince of Wales, a spoiled, foppish idiot.

Despite Edmund’s respected intelligence and abilities, he has no personal fortune to speak of. On the other hand, given the ease with which he is able to manipulate the Prince, he is generally financially comfortable.

According to Edmund he has been serving the Prince Regent all of his life, ever since the Prince was breastfed (when he had to show the Prince which part of his Mother was “serving the drinks”).







Written By:  Richard Curtis & Ben Elton
Channel: BBC1
Produced By: John Lloyd
Original Transmission:  17th September – 22nd October 1987


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