Carry On Christmas (or Carry On Stuffing)

The third Carry On Christmas Special and often considered the weakest of the four.

Production of this TV special was not without it’s problems.  The first of these came about when scriptwriter Talbot Rothwell fell ill whilst writing the script, this meant he was unable to finish it.

Dave Freeman was brought in to complete the script, but the two men did not work together.  The result was a script made up of two seperate works.  Consequently it did not flow as easily as the earlier offerings.

A second major headache for the show came about when Charles Hawtry pulled out of filming at short notice.

Having taken third place billing to Sid James and Terry Scott in the previous two shows, Hawtry demanded that on this occasion he take top billing, particularly as both James and Scott were going to be in it.  Producer Peter Rogers refused and instead gave top billing to Hattie Jacques.

Norman Rossington and Brian Oulton, both of whom had played cameo roles in several Carry On films, were hastily casted in Hawtry’s place.


The show comprised a collection of historical sketches, loosely linked around an 18th century banquet.

It included a performance of two madrigals originally written for Carry On Henry.  These two songs were used again in the 1973 stage show Carry On London.




Bonus Clip


Hattie Jacques –   Miss Molly Coddle, Lady Vera, Harriet, The Good Fairy
Joan Sims  –  Lady Rhoda Cockhorse, Mother, Esmeralda, Princess YoYo
Barbara Windsor  –  Eve, Virginia, Maid, Aladdin
Kenneth Connor  –  Sir Henry, Lieutenant Banghem, Hanky Poo
Peter Butterworth  –  Sir Francis Fiddler, Captain Dripping, Lieutenant Trembler, Hole in One
Jack Douglas  –  Mr Perkin, Adam, Tomkins, Ringworm, King of the Underworld
Norman Rossington  –  General Sir Ffingham Clodhopper, Genie
Brian Oulton –   Oriental Orator
Billy Cornelius  –  Waiter
Valerie Leon  –  Serving Wench
Valerie Stanton  –  Demon King’s Vision


Channel: ITV
Written By: Talbot Rothwell and Dave Freeman
Produced By Peter Rogers
Originally Transmitted: 20th December 1972


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