Blockbusters, 1983

Blockbusters is the cult quiz show that aired for ten series between 1983 and 1993.  Based on an American TV show of the same name that aired in the USA in 1980.

It was Central Independent Television producer Graham C. Williams who spotted the show in the USA and had a pilot episode made for the UK in 1982.  The main difference between the two shows was whilst The USA version featured adults the UK version featured Sixth Form students.

Bob Holness presented the show’s original ten year run.  However like all good shows it was felt there was still life left in this show so Sky signed Holness to present a revival on Sky One in 1994.  It ran for one series.

Re-boots !

After 1995, the show took a break.  The BBC picked it up in 1997 for one series, this time the contestants were adults and Michael Aspel presented.  Another break, the show returns to Sky One in 2000 with it’s original sixth form contestants and Liza Tarbuck at the helm.  It also ran for for just one series.  A very brief return in 2007 as part of Vernon Kay’s Game Show Marathon.  It’s final outing in it’s original form was in 2012 when game show channel Challenge brought the show back under the stewardship of Simon Mayo for one series under the title “All New Blockbusters” whilst the rules remained the same the contestants were adults.

Up To Date

Comedian Dara O’ Briain brought a comedy version back in 2019.  Two series have been recorded for digital channel: Comedy Central.  To date there is no confirmation of a third.


Contestants answer trivia questions to complete a path across or down a game board of hexagons.









Presented By

Bob Holness (1983 – 1995)
Michael Aspel (1997)
Liza Tarbuck (2000 – 2001)
Simon Mayo (2012)
Dara O’Briain (2019)


ITV (29th August 1983 – 19th May 1993)
Sky One, ITV Central and Anglia regions (18th April 1994 – 17th February 1995)
BBC Two ( 31st March – 28th August 1997)
Sky One ( 30th October 2000 – 23rd March 2001)
Challenge (14th May – 3rd August 2012)
Comedy Central (2019)
Created By: Steve Ryan and Mark Goodson

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