Watching, 1987

Another great comedy that almost seems to be forgotten about this time from the eighties/nineties.

The show about mismatched couple Malcom and Brenda was a huge hit for ITV running for seven series and four specials notching up an impressive fifty six episodes.

Anybody who hasn’t seen this should check it out as it really is very funny, Emma Wray’s loudmouth scouser character really steals the show.

There’s nothing offensive or politically incorrect, it’s proper family humour and deserves to be repeated.


Set in Merseyside.  Watching is the story of mis- matched couple: Malcolm (who is from Meols on the Wirral, the “posh” part of Merseyside) and Brenda who is from the other side of the River Mersey: Liverpool.

The title referred to Malcom’s hobby of birdwatching and Brenda and her sister Pamela’s hobby of  ‘people watching’.

Malcolm, lives with his domineering mother (played by Patsy Byrne – Nursie from Blackadder), he is accompanied on his birdwatching trips by loud scouser Brenda, who is forced to ride in the sidecar of his Norton motorbike.

The series follows their on/off relationship, during which Malcolm marries Lucinda (played by Elizabeth Morton).

By the final episode in 1993 Malcom and Brenda finally get it together and get married.






Paul Bown
Emma Wray
Liza Tarbuck
Patsy Byrne
Perry Fenwick


Channel: ITV
Created By: Jim Hitchmough
Produced By: Granada Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 5th July 1987 – 4th April 1993



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