Porridge – The Movie – 1979

Two years after the end of the TV series, Porridge takes it’s turn on the big screen.

With a script by the original writers and many of the original cast returning this was one of the better film spin offs.

Sadly it also marked he final completed work by Richard Beckinsale, the actor who played Godber. He died in March 1979, a few weeks after the film’s completion.

The film was shot mainly on location at Chelmsford Prison, Essex, UK, the prison being unoccupied at the time because it was being refurbished after a fire in one of the wings.

The escape sequences were Filmed in Buckinghamshire, the escape sequences were shot during freezing conditions in January, leading to a delay in the filming schedule.  As a result, the part written for Tony Osoba had to be reduced because he had other commitments.  His lines were given to other actors.


Porridge – The Movie, is set one year before the final TV series.

When a planned escape using a prison celebrity football match as a diversion goes wrong Flether and Godber find themselves reluctantly sprung from prison with fellow inmate Oakes.

Now they are on the outside and on the run, but Fletcher has a cunning plan to get them back inside.







Ronnie Barker – Norman Stanley Fletcher
Richard Beckinsale – Lennie Godber
Fulton Mackay –  Mr Mackay
Brian Wilde – Mr Barrowclough
Peter Vaughan – Grouty


Written By: Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais
Produced By: Ian La frenais
Directed By: Dick Clement
Release Date: 12th August 1979



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