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Smile You’re On Candid Camera

Judging by the response we get to this post Candid Camera is as popular now as it was when it last appeared on our TV screens over 40 years ago.

Candid Camera was adapted from the original American TV series of the same name that had started life on American radio in 1947 as the Candid Microphone, switching to TV in 1948.

Candid Camera arrived on British TV screens in 1960, presented by Bob Monkhouse (indeed a famous clip, featuring the car that had no engine was screened on An Audience With Bob Monkhouse).  It featured Jonathan Routh and Arthur Atkins as pranksters and ran for seven years.

After a quick one off episode return in 1971, the show returned for two series in 1974.  Returning again in 1975 only briefly for two shows, a series of classic moments from the show’s archives hit the screen in 1976 for six episodes.  By now the show had notched up eight series.  Later in 1976 series nine would be the last.

Candid Camera has been hugely influential on both TV and Radio.  How many radio shows have used telephone pranks to great effect (Noel Edmunds immediately springs to mind), then there’s Beadle’s About, Just For Laughs and so it goes on.


Hidden cameras catch the reaction of unsuspecting members of the public  as the pranksters play practical jokes.
















Bob Monkhouse – Host – (2 episodes 1960 – 1961)
Jonathan Routh   – The Practical Joker (18 episodes, 1960-1976)
Dolly Parton  –  Herself (2 episodes, 1975)
Peter Dulay  – Himself – Host (29 episodes, 1974)
Arthur Atkins – The Practical Joker (29 episodes, 1974)
Sheila Bernette – The Practical Joker (29 episodes, 1974)
Bill Lynton  – The Practical Joker (29 episodes, 1974)
Eve Polycarpou – The Practical Joker (29 episodes, 1974)
Jonathan Routh  – The Practical Joker (18 episodes, 1960-1976)


Channel: ITV
Created By: Allen Funt
Original Transmission Dates: September 10th 1960 – December 17th 1976