Cannon And Ball Do Sitcom…

Plaza Patrol – 1991

Cannon and Ball had been household names in the 1980’s with their prime time Saturday night show.  That came to an end in 1988 and by the 1990’s they decided to take a new direction into sitcoms.

One such series was Plaza Patrol, which despite it’s two stars and it’s relatively high audience figures for a midweek sitcom, they only ever made one series of six episodes.

To date this was the popular duos final prime time TV series.


Plaza Patrol sees the lads as security guards in a shopping mall.









Tommy Cannon – Bernard Coney
Bobby Ball – Trevor Purvis


Channel: ITV
Written By: Richard Lewis and Louis Robinson
Produced By: Graham Wetherell
Original Transmission Dates: 24th September  – 27th October 1991