Christmas With Shelley, 1980

Shelley was the ITV sitcom that ran for six series in it’s original run from 1979 – 1984, returning in 1988 for another four series  under the title “The Return Of Shelley”

During the entire run there was only one Christmas Special broadcast.  This came in 1980 at the beginning of series three.


With their baby not long due, Shelley, Fran and Mrs Hawkins enjoy one final Christmas dinner before the patter of tiny feet comes into their lives.

They’re not short of visitors either to add to their seasonal cheer – however it isn’t exactly the three wise men who come calling…







James Shelley- Hywel Bennett
Belinda Laing – Fran
Josephine Tewson – Mrs Hawkins


Channel: ITV
Written By: Peter Tilbury
Original Transmission Date: 22nd December 1980