The Quest, 2002

As we celebrate 40 years of Only Fools And Horses we take a quick look at some of the less well remembered work of the lead actors.  Today it’s the turn of Sir David Jason.

The Quest, The Second Quest and The Final Quest were a series of one off comedy dramas that aired on ITV between 2002 and 2004.

They were created by and starred Sir David Jason.  Despite their popularity at the time as far e know they have yet to be repeated.


The Quest

Three elderly men, Dave, Ronno and Charlie, meet at Charlie’s retirement party.  Here they reminisce about their teenage “quest” in the 1950s to get laid.

This”quest” involved travelling on their motorbikes up to the Lake District “where all the girls shag like rabbits” – but things hadn’t turned out quite as they had planned.

The Second Quest

The three old friends are re-united for a second story.  This time they find themselves in hospital owing to an accident that happened to one of them.

Whilst together they recall their ill-fated motorbike trip to the Isle of Man that they made in 1960. Ostensibly, their trip was to ride the famous TT race course but inevitably girls and their continuing quest to lose their virginity was never far from their minds

The Final Quest

The old friends are back for a “final quest”.  This time they reminisce about their old haunts.

Hearing that a coffee bar they frequented in their youth is reopening with a rock ‘n’ roll theme, Dave, Charlie and Ronno decide to pay a visit.





These were the only short clips we could find.  The Quest and The Second Quest can be found on You Tube in full.


Sir David Jason
Hywel Bennett
Roy Hudd


Channel: ITV
Created By: Sir David Jason
Written By: Douglas Livingstone
Directed By: Sir David Jason
Original Transmission Dates:
The Quest: 1st April 2002
The Second Quest: 5th April 2004
The Final Quest: 27th December 2004


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