One Foot In The Grave, Radio Series

One Foot In The Grave, Radio Series, 1995

Like many of the classic sitcoms from years gone by One Foot In The Grave had it’s moment on Radio.

In 1995 One Foot In The Grave was on it’s fifth TV series.  Around the same time four classic episodes from previous series were adapted for BBC Radio, featuring the original cast all reprising their roles, this radio adaptation only ever ran for the one series.

The episodes in broadcast order were: Alive and Buried (the very first episode), Timeless Time (series 2, episode 6), In Luton Airport No-One Can hear You Scream (series 2, episode 1) and The Beast In The Cage (series 3, episode 4)


Alive and Buried

Sixty-year-old Victor Meldrew is made to retire from his job as a security guard after 26 years; he is replaced by a box and a recorded message.  As he contemplates his future at home, a series of bizarre events unfold.

These events lead to the unsuspecting Victor finding himself in court for Kerb Crawling after finding a woman who asks for help trying to fix her car is actually an undercover policewoman.

Timeless Time

Victor and Margaret are unable to sleep. During the night Victor has to deal with car alarms, almost opens last year’s Christmas present from Ronnie and Mildred and gets his foot caught in a decomposing hedgehog.

In Luton Airport No-One Can hear You Scream

It could only happen to the Meldrew.

Returning home from their holiday they find that their baggage has been sent to the other side of the world.  If that wasn’t bad enough their house has also been demolished after it was badly damaged by fire.

Six months later they move into a new house and hold a housewarming party.

The Beast In The Cage 

A bank holiday day out turns into a nightmare when the Meldrews and Mrs. Warboys are stuck in a traffic jam staring at a horse’s backside for over four hours.

Attempting to lighten the mood with music, Victor finds a song about him (to the tune of Cwn Rhondda) sung by his car mechanics.


One Foot In The Grave Radio Series is currently being broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Extra in Tuesday’s comedy hour

Here’s some clips from the first TV series.





Victor Meldrew – Richard Wilson
Margaret Meldrew – Annettte Crosby
Mrs Worboys – Jean Mantle


Channel: BBC Radio 2
Written and Adapted for Radio by: David Renwick
Original Transmission Dates: 21st January – 11th February 1995