mel smith stars in his only sitcom colin's sandwich

Colin’s Sandwich – 1988

This British Rail Worker Wants to Be a Writer….

An often forgotten sitcom starring the late great Mel Smith.

Colin’s Sandwich was Mel Smith’s only venture into the world of sitcom, despite it’s success.

Sticking with a tried and tested formula that had worked in the past for the comedian, the program was written by two writers who had been responsible for some of the sketches/episodes from Mel Smith’s other well known works Not The Nine O’ Clock News and Alas Smith and Jones.

There were two series running each of six episodes, that ran on the BBC between 1988 and 1990.


Mel Smith stars as Colin Watkins, a British Rail clerk who aspires to be a horror writer.  For series two he does have a little success as a writer.










Mel Smith
Louisa Rix
Tony Haase
Andrew Robertson
Mike Grady
Lee Cornes
Nicholas Ball
Lindsay Duncan
Annette Crosbie


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Terry Kyan and Paul Smith
Directed By: John Kilby
Original Transmission Dates: 18th October 1988 – 16th February 1990