Rock And Chips, 2010

Ten years ago there was much anticipation for the prequel Only Fools And Horses prequel: Rock And Chips.   Sadly it would be writer John Sullivan’s last work.

The idea had be conceived as back as 1997 and commissioned in 2003.  However the idea was shelved in favour of the spin off The Green Green Grass.

On the back of the success of Green, Green, Grass the idea for a fools and horses prequel was recommissioned in 2009.

Rock And Chips aired as a feature length episode in early 2010.  Despite the anticipation it gained mixed reviews from the critics.

It’s future as a series seemed uncertain but producer Gareth Gwenlan said the idea had always been intended to run as a series.  In September 2010 young Del Boy star James Buckley confirmed that Rock & Chips would return for two more specials, one for Christmas 2010, and the other for Easter 2011.

A series would never materialise as writer John Sullivan died on 23 April 2011, five days before the final episode was broadcast.


Set in early 1960’s Peckham Rock and Chips focussed on the lives of a young Del Trotter, Freddie Robdal and Joan and Reg Trotter.

In the first episode Joan Trotter has a romantic liason with Freddie Robdul.  At the end of the episode Rodney is born.









Nicholas Lyndhurst
James Buckley
Shaun Dingwell
Phil Daniels
Paula Wilcox
Paul Putner
Katie Griffiths
Alison Pargeter
Mel Smith


Channel: BBC1
Written And Created By: John Sullivan
Produced By: Gareth Gwenlan
Original Transmission Dates; 24th January 2010, 29th December 2010 and 28th April 2011

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