Confessions From A Holiday Camp, 1977

Confessions from a Holiday Camp is a 1977 is the fourth and last film in the series of risque comedy films that began with Confessions Of A Window Cleaner.

Whilst this was the last in the series two further films, Confessions Of A Plumber’s Mate and Confessions Of A Private Soldier, had been planned, but never materialised.  The reason is believed to be that then Columbia Pictures president David Begelman  the man who had given the go ahead for the original films was implicated in a cheque-forging scandal and was consequently fired or he resigned, whichever way he was replaced and his successor had no interest in continuing the series.

Upon it’s release North America in 1978 the film was entitled  Confessions of a Summer Camp Counsellor.  


Timmy Lea and his brother-in-law Sidney Noggett are back, this time working as entertainment officers at Funfrall Holiday Camp.

Welcome to Funfrall Holiday Camp.  A typical British holiday camp.  However despite it being summer the employees are bored to hell.  So in order to enjoy the summer and have some holiday while working they celebrate with erotic parties.

This is great fun until the arrival of a new manager, Mr Whitemonk.  He decides to change the bad habits and in doing so turns their lives into hell.  That is until somebody has a rather good idea.







Timmy Lea – Robin Askwith
Sidney Nogett – Anthony Booth
Mr Lea – Bill Maynard
Mrs Lea –  Doris Hare
Rosie Noggett – Sheila White
Mr Whitemonk – John Junkin
Mrs Antonia Whitemonk – Liz Fraser


Written By: Christopher Wood
Distributed By: Columbia Pictures Corporation
UK Release Date: 1st August 1977

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