Selwyn, 1978

Bill Maynard returns as Selwyn Froggitt, in this this spin off from the hugely successful Oh No It’s Selwyn Froggitt.

For this series only Bill Maynard remained from the original cast and it was set in a fictional Holiday Camp, rather than the familiar setting of Scarsdale.

Despite the success of the original series, Selwyn flopped and although there had been a second series planed the show was scrapped lasting only one season of seven episodes in 1978. Many blame this on the fact that Alan Plater who had scripted the original three series was no longer involved with the show.


Selwyn’s making an attempt to broaden his horizons: bubbling with his usual enthusiasm, he’s uprooted himself from Scarsdale to the Paradise Valley Holiday Camp, where he has been appointed Entertainments Officer.

It’s a big step for Selwyn, but he can surely take it all in his stride…









Bill Maynard
Bernard Gallagher
Teddy Turner


Channel: ITV (produced by Yorkshire Television)
Selwyn Frogitt Created By: Roy Clarke
Written By: Lawrie Kinsley and Ron McDonnell
Produced and Directed By: Ronnie Baxter
Original Transmission Dates: 5th September – 17th October 1978






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