Warning! This post deals with material many would class as “Adult” and may not be suitable for all

Confessions Of A Window Cleaner, 1974

The first in what would become a series of “Confessions Of A..” movies.  Written by Christopher Wood under the pseudonym ‘Timothy Lea’ a further three films under The Confessions tile would follow.

Adapted from a novel of the same name, this low budget (£100,000) film featured an all star cast and became the top grossing British film of 1974.


The optimistic and inept Timothy Lea is freshly employed by his brother-in-law Sid as a window cleaner.

With Sid about to become a Father, he looks to Timmy to fully ‘satisfy’ his customers, little realising that Timmy’s accident prone ways often stretch to his sex life with his clients.

Timmy bed hops from unsatisfied housewives to even a lesbian love tryst, all the while with his main eye on successful police officer, Elizabeth Radlett, who will have none of Timmy’s sexual advances.  e proposes As a result and much to his family’s upset, Timmy proposes to her unaware that his usual run of luck will affect the outcome.







Robin Askwith – Timmy Lea
Anthony Booth – Sidney Noggett
Bill Maynard – Mr Lea
Dandy Nichols – Mrs Lea
Linda Hayden – Elizabeth Radlett
John Le Mesurier – Inspector Radlett


Written By: Christopher Wood and Val Guest
Producer: Greg Smith
Director: Val Guest
Original UK Release Date: 8th November 1974

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