Doctor Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles, 1981

An often forgotten animated gem, Doctor Snuggles first appeared on our TV screens in 1981 when it appeared as part of the “Watch It!” strand of kids shows on ITV, later appearing on the famous Children’s ITV slot on weekday afternoons, anyone remember Mathew Kelly in that spaceship?

Whilst Doctor Snuggles was based on original artwork by British Illustrator Nick Price, the show was a joint venture between British and Dutch producers.  Among the episode writers readers may know Richard Carpenter, John Lloyd and Douglas Adams.  You may also recognise the voices of Peter Ustinov and John Challis (Boycie, Only Fools and Horses).

Doctor Snuggles premiered in October 1979 when it ran weekly for 13 episodes.  Episodes were typically 25 minutes long.


Doctor Snuggles, is a kind old gentleman who lives in a comfortable home with his elderly housekeeper, Miss Nettles.   He spends most of his time inventing and amongst the inventions across the series are; robot Mathilda Junkbottom, a worm-mobile, a machine to restore the colours of the rainbow, a gadget to fight depression, a fire-proof lotion, and a time machine.

Doctor Snuggles typically travels by means of a talking pogo stick/umbrella and a wooden spacecraft called the Dreamy Boom Boom.  Like in any story there has to be a baddy and Doctor Snuggles’ arch enemy is the malevolent magician Professor Emerald.








Narrated By

Peter Ustinov

Voices Of

Peter Ustinov
Olwen Griffiths
John Challis


Channel: ITV
Created By, Original Scripts and Ideas: Jeffrey O’Kelly
Episode Scripts: Richard Carpenter, Paul Halas, Douglas Adams, John Lloyd, Loek Kessels
Originally Transmitted: 13th September 1981 weekly for 13 episodes

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