The Ghosts Of Motley Hall, 1976

BBC had Rentaghost, so in the days when there were only three channels there had to be a ghost series on ITV.

Largely forgotten about in these days of repeating classic old shows, some familiar faces from the world of sitcom grace the cast for this children’s ITV show. Produced by Granada Television for ITV the show was created by Richard Carpenter who went on to create other shows for the network including Dick Turpin.

Starting in 1976 it ran for twenty episodes over three series, between 1976 and 1978.


The plot revolves around the adventures of 5 ghosts who haunt Motley Hall. Each ghost is from a different era and all with the exception of Matt are unable to leave the confines of the building and Matt himself is unable to travel outside the grounds of the Hall. The only regular character who is not a ghost is Mr Gudgin the caretaker of Motley Hall.

The Characters

Bodkin (Arthur English) In life he worked as a fool at Motley Hall and died as a result of a cold he contracted from constantly being thrown in the duck pond for the amusement of his employer.

Sir George Uproar (Freddie Jones) In life a General in the British army and now leader of the ghosts in Motley Hall. He died falling down the stairs after a long career in the army.

Sir Francis ‘Fanny’ Uproar (Nicholas Le Prevost) Died during his twelfth duel due to being drunk. He is a stupid but likeable character.

Matt (Sean Flanagan) In life he was a stable lad.

The White Lady (Sheila Steafel) She has no memory of who she was in life and how she came to be haunting Motley Hall.

Mr Gudgin (Peter Sallis) Caretaker of Motley Hall. In the past members of the Gudgin family had worked as servants to the Uproar family.







Arthur English
Sean Flanagan
Freddie Jones
Nicholas Le Prevost
Peter Sallis
Sheila Steafel


Channel: ITV
Created And Written By: Richard Carpenter
Produced And Directed By: Quentin Lawrence
Original Transmission Dates: 28th April 1976 – 5th March 1978

Where To Watch

Currently steaming on You Tube


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