Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em – Christmas Special 1974 – Jessica’s First Christmas

Could this be the funniest Christmas Special ever made ?

“Who’s going to see the Queen on Christmas Day then ?” Frank asks the baby in the cot.  It’s Jessica’s first Christmas and Frank can hardly contain his excitement in one of the funniest Christmas Specials seen on TV.


It’s Christmas in the Spencer household and there’s much to be excited about, Frank’s got a new job, a new baby and is looking forward to his annual appearance in The Church’s annual nativity play.

In true Spencer style things do not go according to plan, he upsets the next door neighbour Mr Jackson by putting his foot in it at work and then Father O’Hara has to break the bad news Frank’s not in the Nativity.

Reluctantly Father O’Hara finds himself allowing Frank to make the scenery, which is surprisingly very good, but when Frank steps in to cover the part of the Angel Gabriel there can only be one outcome – mayhem.









Michael Crawford
Michelle Dotrice


Written By: Raymond Allen
Channel: BBC1
Original Broadcast Date: 25th December 1974



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