Gilly Coman Dies

The actress who played Aveline in the 1980s Liverpool sitcom Bread died from a suspected heart attack on July 13th 2010, aged 50.

Gilly Coman, 50, played the Boswell family’s flame-haired sister for five series of the hit comedy, before leaving to have a baby in 1989.

Brought up in Wavertree, Liverpool, she joined the Elliot Clarke drama school on Rodney Street when she was seven.

Ms Coman also appeared in Brookside, Boys from the Blackstuff, Coronation Street and Emmerdale Farm.

Written by Carla Lane, Bread attracted more than 21 million viewers for the episode when Aveline married Protestant vicar Oswald in 1988.

“She knew how to walk to make people laugh and she knew the character better than I did.”Ms Lane said: “She was a nice girl, a good actress and she never questioned the lines I gave her.

When Ms Coman, a mother-of-four gave up her part it was taken over by Melanie Hill, who played Aveline for the final two series.

Source:  BBC News Liverpool