Minder – 2009

We keep asking the question “is There Life In Those Old Shows?” It’s unbelievable how many shows have been re-made or updated.

Minder was a classic comedy drama that couldn’t have been better cast, when Dennis Waterman decided to move on the show continued to go from strength to strength with new co-star Gary Webster as Ray Daley.

When in 2008, it was decided to bring  it back after fifteen years, clearly the original cast had aged somewhat.  From the outset the makers, Talkback Thames, emphasised that it was a revival rather than a remake and that there that there were no plans for Cole, Waterman or Webster to reprise their roles in the relaunched series.

The new series was heavily trailed and aired on Channel 5.  There was a new minder in the form of ex soldier Jamie Cartwright (played by Lex Shrapnel) and a new member of the Daley family – Archie Daley, Arthur’s nephew.

Making it’s debut in 2009, it ran for six episodes attracting only a mediocre audience.  Channel 5 decided against  commissioning a new series.  Perhaps for the best, again this writer felt that it fell way short of the original, case of some things are better left as they were.


Meet Archie Daley, nephew of Arthur Daley.  Estranged from his wife he lives in a converted warehouse from where he has his office and stores goods.  Much like his Uncle not all of Archie’s deals are legal.  When a deal goes wrong  and he finds himself being persued by some un-savoury characters he is in-advertantly rescued by a passing cabbie – Jamie Cartwright.

When the pair come to the aid of a struggling pub and it’s battling landlady Petra Bennett, the Winchester is back in business, all that’s needed is a little bit of interest in Archie’s dealings from the local CID, enter Detective Inspector Murray.

A new partnership begins and the legend that is Minder starts a fresh.








Archie Daley – Shane Ritchie
Jamie Cartwright – Lex Shrapnel
Petra Bennett – Jenna Russell
DI Murray – Josette Simon
Dickie Mint – Paul Brooke


Channel: Channel 5
Written By: Leon Griffiths and Tim Loane
Original Transmission Dates: 4th February – 11th March 2009


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