The late Dame Thora Hird starred in the ITV sitcom Hallelujah! about a salvation army captain

Hallelujah Christmas Special

Hallelujah Christmas Special, A Goose For Mrs Scratchitt, 1984

This is a personal favourite among the many festive sitcom episodes if only for young Eric and his remarks in the opening of the episode, that brought tears of laughter to my eyes.

Broadcast after the second series of the popular TV show this was the only Christmas episode and would be the final episode of the popular TV series.


A classic comedy take on A Christmas Carol as Emily tells her friends the story of Christmas Past, when the Salvation Army fought to save the souls of Ebenezer Dickens and Ella Scratchit.




Thora Hird – Captain Emily Ridley/Captain Agnes Ridley
Patsy Rowlands – Sister Alice Meredith/Little Nell
David Daker – Brother Benjamin/Bob Scratchitt
Martin Pitman – Eric/Tiny Tom
Carly Roberts – Jennifer
Bryan Pringle – Ebenezer Dickens
Joan Sims – Ella Scratchitt
Geoffrey Blaydon – Jacob Marley


Channel: ITV
Written By: Dick Sharples
Originally Transmitted: 21st December 1984