Title Card from tony hancock's final comedy series hancock down under

Tony’s Last Half Hour..

Hancock Down Under – 1968

After failing to re-spark his career after the break with Galton and Simpson in 1961, Tony Hancock found himself in Australia after being contracted to make a 13-part series, Hancock Down Under, for the Seven Network of Australian television.

This was Hancock’s first television appearance in colour and it was hoped it would revive his career.  Sadly it was not to be as he only managed to complete three of the proposed thirteen programs before his tragic suicide in June of the same year.

The series remained un-aired for some years after his death.  In 1972 the existing footage was edited together and shown as The Tony Hancock Special in Australia, we’re not sure if it was ever broadcast in the UK, but it did surface in the 1990’s on a poor quality VHS video.


Hancock decides it’s time to leave for sunnier climes.  Saying goodbye to Railway Cuttings, East Cheam, he heads for the warmer climes of Australia to inflict his views and attitudes on the natives.










Tony Hancock – Tony
Gloria Dawn – Mrs. Gilroy
Don Crosby – Mervyn
Lex Mitchell – Milkman
Georgie Sterling – Miss Bunny Bancroft
Kenneth Laird  – Captain
Brian Barrie – Bandsman
Don Philps – Entertainments Officer
Mimi Dixon – Miss Felicia ‘Bikini’ Bancroft
Marshall Crosby – Boy
Edward Howell – Colonel
Don Reid – Customs Officer
Max Phipps – Hotel Clerk
Nat Levison – Landlord
James Elliott – Man in Pub


Channel: Unknown
Written By: Hugh Stuckey and Michael Wale
Produced By: ATN 7 (Australia)
Original Transmission Date: 25th January 1972