Pardon My Genie

Pardon My Genie – 1972

Pardon My Genie was a 1970s children’s comedy series from the man that went on to create that other children’s comedy classic Rentaghost.  Although aimed at a younger audience, the show found popularity with adults and kids alike.

Running for two series totalling twenty six episodes, it deals with a magic genie who appears in modern day Britain after being summoned by Hal Adden (get the pun ?)


When a young shop assistant called Hal Adden casually tries to polish an old watering can – well, you can guess what happens!  However the genie who appears is as rusty as the can he lives in; he’s four thousand years old, and his  magic doesn’t always work as well as it should, this of course leads to some comical misunderstandings.









Ellis Jones
Roy Barraclough
Hugh Paddick(Genie in series 1)
Arthur White (Genie in series 2)
Joe Dunlop
Lynnette Erving


Channel: ITV
Written By: Bob Block
Produced By: Daphne Shadwell
Directed By: Robert Reed and Vic Hughes
Original Transmission: 10th April 1972 – 23rd April 1973