Happy Birthday To These TV Classics, All 50 Years Young In 2021

These classic TV shows are still popular today and watching them back it’s hard to believe they first hit our TV screens 50 years ago.  That’s a mark of a good TV show.

The Two Ronnies

Messrs Corbett and Barker first popped up on our screens Saturday 10th April 1971.  A huge success the series is as popular today as ever enjoying regular repeats on the UKTV network currently screening weeknights at 11pm on Yesterday.

It ran for 16 years and over 12 series it clocked up an impressive 95 episodes plus the two specials: The Picnic and By The Sea.



Bless This House

This classic Sid James sitcom is 50 this month and can currently be found airing on Forces TV.  It went on to run for 6 series, ending in 1976.  There was also the movie in 1972.



Look-Mike Yarwood!

Impressionist Mike Yarwood was at the top of his game in this show.  With his popular impressions of politicians of the day.  For 50 shows over 6 series this was must see Saturday night TV it came to end in 1976.

Bruce Forsyth And The Generation Game

It became an institution over the years but Brucie first brought it to our TV screens 50 years ago.  Larry Grayson picked it up in 1978 and Bruce brought it back in 1990.  Sadly after a good run with Jim Davidson from 1995 until sadly it came to an end in 2002.

Clearly there’s an appetite to bring it back but to date all attempts have failed, particularly the Mel and Sue re-boot in 2018.

Dave Allen At Large

After success at ATV Dave Allen brought his unique brand of sit down comedy and sketches to the BBC.  This show ran for 5 series until 1979.



How many of today’s shows will be as beloved in 50 years?

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