Bruce’s Price Is Right, 1995

Perhaps the most popular version of this game show that originally aired in the US.

In the UK Leslie Crowther was the original host in a Saturday night primetime version of the show between 1984 and 1988.  After the cancellation of the original series by ITV in 1988, Sky picked it up for we think one series in 1989.

However, in 1995 the show was back on ITV primetime 7.00pm Monday nights this time hosted by Bruce Forsyth.

Under Brucie the series was a huge ratings success, but none the less towards the end of it’s run it moved around the schedules the final series going out on a Sunday night, before dissappearing off our screens again.

In 1995, Bruce’s Price is Right became one of the first shows to fully take advantage of the Independent Television Commission’s lifting of the prize limits and the general deregulation of the UK broadcasting environment.


Contestants compete for cash and other prizes including a car by trying to guess the right prices of various goods.







Hosted By

Bruce Forsyth


Peter Dickinson


Kimberley Cowell (1995–2001)
Emma Noble (1995–1998)
Emma Steadman (1995–2001)
Brian Tattersall (1995–1998)
Simon Peat (1998–2001)
Lea Kristensen (1998–2001, of course she went on to co-host Jim Davidson’s Generation Game)


Created By: Bob Stewart
Channel: ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 4th September, 1995 – 16th December, 2001

You can watch Bruce’s Price Is Right on Challenge TV!

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