The Dave Allen Show – 1993

The 1990’s saw a wave of comic revivals.  Dave Allen had been huge in the 1970’s and 80’s with his BBC show.  The 1990’s saw the comic make a welcome return to TV.

After a brief re-appearance on the BBC in 1990, Dave Allen returned three years later to ITV for what would be his final TV series of original stand up material.


The trademark stool, a glass of something and nothing off limits including the language as the genius that is the much missed Dave Allen discusses his take on all aspects of life.











Starring: Dave Allen


Channel: ITV
Written By:
Dave Allen and Ian Davidson, with additional material from
Kevin Day         
Penny Hallowes         
Chips Hardy        
Nick Revell      
Peter Vincent
Produced By: Carlton TV for ITV    
First Transmitted: 7th January 1993, we think it ran for 6 episodes but have not been able to confirm.


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5 Responses

  1. Dean Elliott

    I grew up on these episodes and have been dying to see them again, can you get them on dvd at all? I know the BBC make their Dave Allen shows easily available but I need to see the 6 ITV shows again. Please help.

    • admin

      Hi Dean,
      there is a Dave Allen DVD, Best Of Dave Allen, widely available, as far as we are aware there are no others on general release, there was a release Dave Allen on life now deleted but occasionally pops up used on Amazon. You could also try the usual suspects for digital releases i Tunes etc.

      Hope this helps

  2. natasha thomas

    no no i have the best of and dave allen on life. i grew up on dave allens 1993 show and have been searching for it since please please release it on dvd

    • admin

      We do pass comments like yours to the relevent dvd producers, but the usual reply is that they don’t own the rights. If we can find out who owns the rights we’ll forward your comment to them. All of us here would love to see it again.

  3. Norman Mackenzie

    I take it we haven’t moved any further on the Dave Allen ITV shows. Pity. They really are some of the best comic material Dave ever did. I, for one, would pay to watch them again and again. Someone has actually posted the ‘first time I met God’ on Facebook and its is so good nay terrific and so funny.


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