Hancock’s Happy Christmas – 1956

For anyone who’s had enough of Christmas here’s a classic from the lad of East Cheam as he make is feelings towards the festive season quite clear.

Taken from the fourth season of Tony Hancock’s popular radio series.


“Christmas is going to be just like any other day in this house – dead miserable” proclaims Hancock.  Bill and Miss Pugh are preparing for Christmas, but Hancock is having none of it, as far as he’s concerned it’s just a racquet.





Tony Hancock
Sid James
Hattie Jacques
Bill Kerr
Kenneth Williams


Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Channel: BBC Light Program
Original Broadcast: 23 December 1956


Available on CD as part of the BBC Radio Collection and as part of the same collection on a special double cassette featuring four Christmas related Hancock episodes.

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