I, Lovett, 1993

I, Lovett was a BBC sitcom that made it’s debut as a one off pilot episode in 1989 for the anthology series “Comic Asides” before returning 4 years later as a 6 part series.

It starred co-writer Norman Lovett, alongside the voice talents of Geoffrey Hughes (Keeping Up Appearances)  as a talking dog


This series is based around the main character Norman, an inventor who finds himself in a series of comedic situations based around his inventions.







Norman Lovett – Norman
Dicken Ashworth – Darren
Geoffrey Hughes – Dirk (Norman’s dog)
Leon Sinden – Horse
Mary Riggans – Spider


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Norman Lovett and Ian Pattison
Original Transmission Dates: 9th June 1989 (pilot), 24th March – 28th April 1993

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