Is It Time To Bring Out Some Of Those Forgotten Sitcoms?

As we all endure lockdown we turn to our TV’s for entertainment and a good laugh.  It’s great watching some of the old classics and I know some are not allowed to be repeated



Some will never tire



However, among the endless repeats of Only Fools And Horses and regular scheduling of the classics there are some that are well overdue a repeat, even some that haven’t been seen for years.

How about a bit of the lad himself?

This was repeated on some obscure digital channel a few years ago but should get a repeat on the main stream channels, after all the radio series gets a regular outing on BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Harry Worth was huge in his day but like Hancock it’s only his radio series that seems to get a repeat outing.



Episodes of the original Galton and Simpson Playhouse series have popped up on You Tube, perhaps they should get a repeat run?




We see endless repeats of Only Fools and Horses, but David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst were more than one trick ponies

Out-take coming!

So come on TV schedulers lets have some of those forgotten gems on back on our screens!

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