Dentist In The Chair, 1960

Bob Monkhouse had starred in the very first Carry On film in 1958.  When it was decided to continue with a series of films Monkhouse declined to join the regular cast, preferring instead to feature in what he hoped would be another successful film series of which he was the star.

That series was the Dentist..series.  Regrettably the series failed to catch on in the same way and only managed 2 films.  Dentist In The Chair was a film based on a novel by Matthew Finch that starred Bob Monkhouse.


Two dental students, David Cookson (Monkhouse) and Brian Dexter (Ronnie Stevens) become mixed up in the misadventures of a thief, Sam Field (played by Kenneth Connor), when he tries to sell them stolen dental equipment.







Bob Monkhouse
Ronnie Stevens
Kenneth Connor
Eric Baker
Vincent Ball


Written By: Matthew Finch
Screenplay: Val Guest
Additional Scenes: Bob Monkhouse and George Wadmore
Original UK Release Date: 12th August 1960

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