It’s A Fair Cop

It’s A Fair Cop, 1961

By 1961 Eric Sykes was well known for his writing skills having written numerous radio shows for others and had even appeared in his own TV series.  However It’s A Fair Cop was his first starring role in radio, unusually he didn’t write this particular show.

In essence It’s A Fair Cop was perceived by many as an extension to his hugely popular TV series Sykes And A….that had started a year earlier.   All the familiar cast were here: Deryck Guyler and Hattie Jacques.  Alongside them was resident prisoner Dick Emery and Leonard Williams as the Superintendent.

The series ran for eight episodes in 1961.


The setting is Blossom Hill Police Station.  Eric Sykes plays a Bungling Police Constable in the relentless fight against crime.








Eric Sykes
Deryck Guyler
Leonard Williams
Hattie Jacques
Dick Emery


Channel: BBC Light Program
Written By: Terry Nation and John Junkin
Original Transmission Dates: 22nd May – 10th July 1961