Perhaps the most controversial sitcom ever made and London Weekend’s first sitcom to be made in colour.  This six part comedy based on an idea from Spike Milligan, featured an all star cast.

Eric Sykes takes up his position as shop floor foreman, in  perhaps the funniest thing he ever starred in.  Despite not being written by Sykes and the controversy it caused it remains one of the funniest sitcoms this writer has ever seen.

The series was supposed to highlight racial discrimination, but managed to upset The Independent Television Authority, who made ITV pull it after just one series.  Such was the depth of feeling over the show there were even complaints to the race relations board.


Kevin O’Grady, a man of mixed Asian and Irish descent is just starting his new job at Lillicrap Ltd, manufacturer of cheap novelty items and seaside souvenirs.  Inevitably, he soon becomes the butt of jokes from his resoundingly intolerant workmates.





Spike Milligan
Eric Sykes
Norman Rossington
Kenny Lynch
Geoffrey Hughes


Channel: ITV
Written By: Johnny Speight (based on an idea from Spike Milligan)
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 21st November – 26th December 1969



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