Our House – 1960

Here’s a sitcom that you definitely won’t have seen on satellite/digital TV.  Our House is an almost forgotten gem from the pen of early Carry On writer Norman Hudis.

The series ran for two years over thirty nine episodes.  Featuring some of the finest comedy names of the day as well as a few faces you may recall from the Carry On series, the first series was a huge success. However like many shows of today, the second series was not as well received and fell from grace with the ITV network.  This meant that in some regions (London being among them) only nine out of the twenty six episodes that were made actually made it to our TV screens.

Our House suffered the same fete as so many shows of the 1960’s and 1970’s in that most of the episodes were cleared from the archives, only three out of thirty nine still exist.


When nine people – 5 individuals and 2 couples – find themselves in an estate agent’s office at the same time, aimlessly searching for a suitable home. Their search brings them together as an unlikely band of friends, who realise that none of them can afford a property alone, so they decide to pool their money and purchase a single large house to make their collective own.

The series follows the mad-cap lives of this disparate bunch, who constantly flit in and out of each other’s rooms, and where nobody holds a secret for too long.







Hattie Jacques    …    Georgina Ruddy
Charles Hawtrey    …    Simon Willow
Joan Sims    …    Daisy Burke (Series 1)
Norman Rossington    …    Gordon Brent (Series 1)
Bernard Bresslaw    …    William Singer (Series 2)
Hylda Baker    …    Henrietta (Series 2)
Frederick Peisley    …    Herbert Keene
Leigh Madison    …    Marcia Hatton
Harry Korris    …    Henrietta’s brother (Series 2)
Eugenie Cavanagh    …    Marina (Series 2)
Frank Pettingell    …    Captain John Iliffe (Series 1)
Ina De La Haye    …    Mrs. Louise Iliffe (Series 1)
Trader Faulkner    …    Stephen Hatton (Series 1)


Channel: ITV
Created By: Norman Hudis
Written By:
Norman Hudis
Brad Ashton (series 2)
Bob Block (series 2)
Produced By: Ernest Maxin
Year Of Transmission: 11th September 1960 –  21st April 1962


This show has been unseen for over fifty years, what remains of it is  currently available on DVD from Network


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