The Dick Emery Show, 1963 

From a time when Saturday night television was the highlight of the week.  

The Dick Emery show kept millions of us entertained with his hilarious sketches and vast array of eccentric characters it was compulsive viewing.

No stranger to success or television, Emery had starred in Educating Archie in the 1950’s, Hancock’s Half Hour and The Army Game.  

The Dick Emery show ran irregularly on BBC 1  between 1963 and 1981.  By it’s final episode in 1981 The dick Emery Show had notched up 163 episodes over 19 series.

For no known reason the show does not benefit from repeat showings like many other shows of the day.  In a BBC Radio 2 documentary it was suggested that perhaps it was dated by today’s standards or just too politically incorrect for today’s television audiences.

Either way in it’s day it was a Saturday Night Classic and should be repeated for a whole new generation to enjoy.


Each week viewers were treated to a selection of sketches featuring Dick Emery’s many comic creations.

These included: a buck toothed Church Of England vicar, man-eating spinster Hettie, the outrageously camp Clarence with is “hello honky tonk” catchphrase, crusty old pensioner Lampwick, gormless denim clad bad boy Gaylord (part of a double act with his long suffering Father played by Roy Kinnear) his catchphrase was “Dad I think I got it wrong again” and who could forget Mandy the busty middle-aged peroxide blonde and her famous catchphrase ” Ooh, you are awful…..but I like you”

Emery left the BBC in 1979 for ITV where he made three one hour specials returning to the BBC in 1980 where he resumed The Dick Emery Show.












Dick Emery
Roy Kinnear


Written By: Various
Channel: BBC1
First Broadcast: 13th July 1963 – 3rd January 1981


Dick Emery released several novelty records: If You Love her (1969), You Are Awful (1972) were the most notable.  Others included A Cockney Christmas (1962), You’re The Only One (1974) and Rocking Horse Cowboy (1979).  A DVD: The Best Of Dick Emery was released by BBC and still available.


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